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 Setting up an avatar

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PostSubject: Setting up an avatar   Setting up an avatar I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2008 9:50 am


Most of you have avatars, but some people who are new, and dont know how to make one dont know how.
So i made this little guide you can follow.

An avatar, is the small picture you see on people posts on the left.

Its better if you have another tabb or window open and follow these instructions.

1: To make a signature from scratch, when you are CP, press Print
Screen. Go into paint and press Paste.Crop the image and then save it.
Next if you want to add effects, open it with a good image editing
program such as Photoshop,Paint.Net...

Step 2: Now that
you have your image saved safe somewhere on your computer, click
profile at the top of the forums, just under the header.

Step 3: Under the navigation buttons, you will now see more buttons. Click 'Avatar'

4: Where it says; 'Upload Avatar from your machine' next to that line,
click browse and select the image you created from your files, and
click open, then save at the bottom.

Now you are done!

Step 1:To delete your avatar:

Step 2:Click Profile>>Avatar.

Step 3:Then tick the box that says 'Delete Image'

Step 4:Then click save.

you have used a image hosters account to host your image, dont delete
the image from the account. This will ruin and delete your picture from
working, and create a 'broken link'.

I hope this helped!

Setting up an avatar Hyqew88nitdarf9khlf
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Setting up an avatar
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